8 December 2009: Scientists who have been telling the truth about global warming for years, that there is no evidence it is man-made or will be a crisis, have relea sed new videos. Four of the videos were shot and edited by a KUSI-TV team led by meteorologist John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel and currently the lead meteorologist at KUSI-TV in San Diego.

Each of the videos features a well-known global warming skeptic, all of whom have spoken at the international climate change conferences. (Mr D'Aleo's features some of the best, most easily read graphics.)

Video: John Coleman
John Coleman is founder of the Weather Channel, the original weatherman on Good Morning America, and currently the lead meteorologist at KUSI-TV in San Diego.

Video: Joseph D'Aleo
Joseph D'Aleo is a certified consulting meteorologist, a fellow of the American Meteorological Society, first director of meteorology at the Weather Channel, and currently founder and president of

Video: Richard Lindzen
Richard Lindzen, Ph.D., is an atmospheric physicist and the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Meteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Video: Willie Soon
Willie Soon, PhD, is an astrophysicist and chief science advisor for the Science and Public Policy Institute.

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